Consultant Leadership

Thrive Life has several teams in place to ensure that consultant’s and customer’s voices are heard. Each board meets monthly to discuss ways to improve the experiences of those involved with our company.

Consultant Development Team


Jason Norton
President, Team Chair

Holly & Chris Hardy
Consultant Representatives

Sherry & Michael Brower
Consultant Representatives

Karen Hammond
Manager of Consultant Development

Jenny Swingle
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Eric Morgan
VP of Marketing

Jason Budge
Chairman of the Board

Steve Palmer

Consultant Experience Advisory Board


Monty & Debbie Abbott

Jenny Tanner

Dave & Heather Parker

Gina Hansen

Holly & Mike Cooley

Ashley Butler

Hilary Saunders

Leah Wilson

Julie Finlayson

Mandy Guiley

Jen Jessup

Consumer Experience Advisory Board


Lisa & Jeff Warnick

Jodi Moore & Julie Weiss

Melissa Coombs

Kristine Treadway

Cindy Witte

Jana Mittag

Francesca Hutchinson

Amber Mann

Mary Andersen

Amber Spackman

Canada Advisory Board


Kathy Atwood

Trisha Zook

Cathy & Melanie Radford

Heather Jaques

Bella Hanske

Leah Rasmussen

Janae Hale

Lori Aguinaldo

Annie Fisher

Annie Robinson